Traffic Engineering

Paramics provides a cost effective solution for conducting traffic and transportation assessment through the use of microsimulation technology. The software allows users to assess the effectiveness of road improvement schemes by highlighting the change in travel pattern behavior and providing mitigation measures. This forms the basis for most economic appraisal, evaluation studies, transportation initiatives and travel demand management.

Signalised Intersections

In Paramics it’s simple to create signalised intersections step by step for complex or unique layouts or from user defined templates that can be applied to an intersection with a few simple mouse clicks. Dynamic vehicle actuated controls using loop detectors can be added to any intersection layout to closely mimic real world dynamic operations.

Signal Timings

Signal timings can be adjusted on the fly in Paramics allowing real time control over signal offsets and intergreen times, effectively allowing the user to optimise coordinated signal settings in real time. The analytical tools can then be utilised to balance queues and check signal sequencing.

Observing junctions through multiple camera views Multiple camera views
Signal displays showing phase and timings Signal displays showing phase and timings

Common Network Components

Many common network components suitable for use in urban traffic engineering are available as pre-defined objects in the Paramics tool. For example, it’s easy to add and configure interactive loop detectors, lane based speed controls, vehicle type signal actuation, PT priority and lane usage rules, traffic calming measures, stop and go tolling and driver information signs.


Customer Success Stories




  • Phase based traffic signals
  • Fixed / variable cycle lengths
  • Fully actuated demand responsive signal plans
  • One click fixed time plan library
  • Integrated pedestrian crossings at signals
  • Turn on red


  • Public transport priority
  • Fully actuated dual ring controllers
  • Ramp metering
  • Pedestrian priority
  • UTC systems SCOOT, SCATS, VS+


  • Dynamic, graphical displays of signals
  • Turning LOS and MOE
  • Stop times and number of vehicle stops
  • Green time utilisation
  • Intersection capacity analysis
  • Queue analysis
  • Accident analysis (SSAM)
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