Public Transport Planning

Paramics simulates a wide range of Public Transport (PT) facilities including Bus, Train, LRT and Ferry services; any transportation system that follows a pre-determined path and stopping schedule can be accurately represented using Paramics microsimulation.

Vehicles and Routes

Different types of PT vehicle can be defined by the user to accurately represent physical, kinematic and service based components of any PT system. PT routes can be defined and include service frequencies, timetables, stoppage patterns and layover points where vehicles wait to catch up with their predefined schedule.

Priority Schemes

Paramics is a powerful system for creating PT priority schemes, for example queue jumping at signalised intersections or level crossings for rail traffic, are easily simulated in Paramics using PT only lanes and demand responsive signal settings which detect approaching PT vehicles and respond accordingly.

Paramics Presentation graphics featuring shadows, 3D models, road styles, textures and overlays. Presentation Graphics
PT information viewer showing passenger counts and wait times The PT Information Viewer

PT Reporting

To aid analysis of PT schemes Paramics provides a comprehensive range of PT based reports providing insight into passenger wait times, oversaturation of services, occupancy values and actual journey times vs. scheduled service expected travel times.


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  • Unlimited PT vehicles
  • Define PT routes and stopping points
  • Timetables, stopping schedules and layovers
  • Passenger boarding / alighting rates
  • Specific dwell times


  • Public transport priority schemes
  • Bus, coach and minibus
  • LRT and fixed rail
  • Train services
  • Ferry / port operations
  • Airport airside operations


  • Passenger wait times
  • Oversaturation of services
  • Occupancy values
  • Actual journey times vs. expected
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