The Public Sector Reviewing Models

For public sector users who want to review consultant’s work we provide a clear transparent model structure that is easy to review and audit. In addition, over 50% of our product range is dedicated to a set of tools that help you audit and inspect your models quickly giving you confidence that the model is fit for purpose for years to come.

Future Proof Models

Our customers tell us that one of the biggest challenges they face when reviewing models is knowing what the true effect to model performance is when they change a global parameter or add a new control to manage behaviours like lane choice of route choice.

In some models by changing enough parameters you can make a square peg fit a round hole, that’s great for making the calibration report look good but bad when you want to use the model in future year scenario testing.

Transparent, Auditable Models

In Paramics we actively push back on adding more nano level adjustment of core model behaviours simply because it can make it too easy to "over calibrate" a model when the raw data is flawed or network coding errors have gone undetected.

Instead we are passionate about clarity, transparency and the ability to connect the dots between the cause and effect of the driver behaviours you see in your model.

Free Model Viewer Application

Paramics provides a free viewer application to all users which can be used to perform model auditing and reviews, share models with colleagues, generate movies and screenshots and use our run time analytics tools to perform on the fly what if scenario testing.

Some of our customers
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