pedestrian simulation within infrastructure

Combining a traffic microsimulation model with a fully featured free space agent model allows Paramics to accurately reproduce a wide range of scenarios. Paramics can be used to model vehicle and agent interaction or it can be used to model each component separately with no dependency on the other

Public Transport Terminals

Integrating pedestrians and vehicles in and around public transport terminals is an every task for traffic engineers and urban planners; Paramics allows both these modes of transport to be evaluated in a single environment.

The floor plan of the terminal can be recreated allowing Paramics to examine transfer times between, or exit/entry delays to, public transport terminals. Paramics can also be used to assess safety issues for kerbside drop off points and dynamic signalling strategies allowing high volumes of pedestrians to be processed safely through the study during peak commuting hours.

Urban Spaces

Integrating pedestrian and traffic components lets the user test alternative scenarios. For example, having a buffer period between pedestrian and vehicular traffic leaving the study area or temporarily allocating a section of road network to the pedestrian crowd allowing a faster and safer exit from the study area.

The car is no longer king, people want to reclaim their streets and urban areas to use and enjoy. A growing trend throughout Europe and more recently in North America is to consider pedestrians as a primary mode of transportation; people can get there under their own steam and are increasingly happy to do so.

Enhanced Spatial Maps using exponential colour scales Enhanced Spatial Maps using exponential colour scales
Behavior Regions used to create dwelling behavior at specified locations Behavior Regions used to create dwelling behavior at specified locations

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  • Unlimited pedestrian types
  • Time varying demand
  • Easy to use space definitions
  • No need for expensive OD data
  • Signalised pedestrian crossings
  • Shared space behaviour
  • Variable compliance behaviour
  • Fully animated 3D pedestrians


  • Urban streetscape
  • Friction effect on traffic flow
  • Signalised crossings
  • Call on demand pedestrian phases
  • Pedestrian priority
  • Shared spaces
  • Public transport terminals
  • Kerbside drop off / pick up
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