Freeway Modelling

Paramics has strong track record of application on some of the most congested freeways in the world including those in California, New York, Florida and Sydney, Australia. The Paramics model has been continually enhanced based on feedback from many USA DOTS and key consultancy users to provide a powerful yet easy to use set of control parameters for freeway modelling.

Easily Manage Complexity

The hierarchical structure of a Paramics model allows changes in complex behaviour, for example managed lane usage for construction work zones or breakdown and accident mitigation plans on congested freeways, to be controlled at a global level reducing model build time and reducing the opportunity for error during the model build process. This allows users to accurately replicate any real world facility quickly and effectively.

Freeway Management

Supporting emerging trends in freeway management, Paramics provides dedicated tools that allow the user to easily model HOT, HOV and VSL (variable speed limit) scenarios. HOT (High Occupancy Tolling) technologies are leading the way in effective use of existing freeway capacities and Paramics provides an out of the box solution for both dynamic demand driven tolling strategies and simple time based scheduling.

The Route Viewer shows a vehicles path between zones and associated data such as route cost The Route Viewer
The Observed Count Data Viewer allows users to compare the simulations vehicle count to the observed recorded statistics The Observed Count Data Viewer

HOV and VSL Strategies

Hard and soft barrier HOV lanes can be modelled easily in Paramics using simple lane management rules, providing users with control over which sub groups of the driver population can use which specific parts of the road network. In addition, VSL (Variable Speed Limit) strategies can be deployed to test their effectiveness in managing freeway congestion. Easy to use and quick to code VSL rules allow the model builder to test complex ITS driven freeway management strategies quickly and with confidence.


Customer Success Stories

Corridor Management
Freeway Reconstruction
Freeway Expansion



  • On and off ramps
  • Complex weaving areas
  • Fast lane merge
  • Special use lanes
  • Lane specific speed limits
  • Driver behaviour controls


  • Dynamic and scheduled HOT
  • Hard and soft barrier HOV lanes
  • Variable Speed Limits (VSL)
  • Ramp metering
  • Incidents and breakdowns


  • Detector data
  • Standard LOS and MOE
  • Speed, Flow and Density
  • Lane utilisation
  • Journey times
  • Variable Speed Limits (VSL)
  • Accident analysis (SSAM)
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