Modeling Car Emissions

The increasing importance of national and local level Emission Reduction Plans highlights the need to design balanced environments that are efficient for both road traffic and pedestrians, safe and friendly for pedestrians to use, and environmentally sensitive.

Modelling Emissions

Paramics can be used to accurately model tailpipe emissions for various types of vehicle classification. Engine cycle data can be used to correctly replicate the different rates of pollutants generated under loads and driving styles. This allows managed lane strategies to be evaluated not only in terms of operational effectiveness but also in terms of their green credentials.


Paramics provides a simple to use toolkit for emissions modelling called Monitor. This lightweight application requires no specialist knowledge to use and currently supports data from the UK Highways Agency, California Centre for Environmental Research and Technology CMEM model and TNO’s comprehensive VERSIT+ database.

Studying emissions based upon actual traffic speed. Analysing Traffic Speed
Analysis of road gradients showing where cars work harder and generate more emissions Road Gradient Mapping

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  • Multiple emissions vehicle classes
  • Multiple source data inc CMEM, UKHA, MOVES10, VERSIT+
  • Carbon Monoxide (mg/s)
  • Carbon Dioxide (mg/s)
  • Total Hydrocarbons (mg/s)
  • Oxides of Nitrogen (mg/s)
  • Fuel Consumption (ml/s)
  • Particulate Matter (micro g/s)


  • New infrastructure impact
  • Workzone planning
  • Congestion mitigation schemes
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Comparative before and after analysis
  • Future year analysis
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