Consulting Engineers and Planners

As a private sector consultant your primary goal is to deliver a high quality product on time and in budget – Paramics is designed from the group up to help you do just that. At Paramics we focus on productivity, powerful analytics tools and helping you spend the right amount of time on the right task – spend less time building models, more time using and improving them so you can deliver a superior product and service to your clients within in today’s challenging economic environment.

Transparent, Auditable Models

At Paramics we actively push back on adding more nano level adjustment of core model behaviours simply because it can make it too easy to “over calibrate” a model when the raw data is flawed or network coding errors have gone undetected. Instead we are passionate about clarity, transparency and the ability to connect the dots between the cause and effect of the driver behaviours you see in your model.

The Paramics model build ethos promotes quality and efficiency helping our public sector users deliver high quality models on time and in budget without having to outsource to the private sector.

Get Started Quickly and Get Results

One of the key challenges budget or time constrained users face when learning new software is finding their way around user interface, being productive and knowing if they are doing it right! In Paramics there is a quick and easy way to do everything be it automatically assigning 20 loop detectors to a NEMA signal plan with a single mouse click or creating a fully operational roundabout in less than a minute.

We integrate and automate calibration tools with sensitivity testing and reporting to let you spend more time adding quality to the model and less time on mundane repetitive tasks.

Paramics is a major asset to our organisation, great software, very effective, I would highly recommend it - Parsons Brinckerhoff
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