Educators and Researchers

At Quadstone Paramics we understand that today’s PhD students are tomorrow’s transportation innovators. Over the last decade we have worked closely with some of the world's leading research institutions to refine the Paramics tools into a flexible software range that can be effectively applied across many learning environments.

Paramics For Research

At Paramics we actively push back on adding more nano level adjustment of core model behaviours simply because it can make it too easy to “over calibrate” a model when the raw data is flawed or network coding errors have gone undetected. Instead we are passionate about clarity, transparency and the ability to connect the dots between the cause and effect of the driver behaviours you see in your model.

Paramics For Education

With the Paramics programming Software Development Kit (SDK) we provide the most powerful research and customisation tool available for users interested in microscopic traffic simulation. The SDK allows users to augment the Paramics simulation engine with new functions, driver behaviours and practical features. At the same time researchers can opt to override or replace sections of the Paramics simulation with their own behavioural models.

Paramics in Education
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