Quadstone Paramics History

Quadstone Paramics is dedicated to driving the innovation agenda for the transportation planning marketplace whilst continuing to deliver exceptional customer service for our users.

Who Are We?

A global company for a global marketplace. Quadstone Paramics is used in over 85 countries with a broad mix of federal, regional and local government agencies, along with consulting engineering firms of all sizes. The Quadstone Paramics software has been successfully deployed on projects as diverse as single intersection analysis, city and state wide studies along with cutting edge ITS projects.

Quadstone Paramics continues to set the standard in the microsimulation market as the solution best equipped to handle the larger sized model. As our client’s demands of the software increase, we are responsive to those requirements by giving our users the tools to build, calibrate and analyse the model quickly, efficiently and as accurately as possible.

Our Company History

The Paramics software was born out of a University of Edinburgh project in the early 1990’s. Staff from the project then founded Quadstone Limited. As one of the UK’s leading independent software companies, Quadstone developed a commercial version of the Paramics software to become one of the most popular microscopic simulation packages in the world.

During the later months of 2010, Quadstone Paramics was acquired by Pitney Bowes Software, developers of the MapInfo GIS software range, as part of an acquisition of Portrait software PLC. Today, Quadstone Paramics operates as part of the Location Intelligence portfolio of PBBI with close ties to MapInfo GIS.